Roof Cleaning can extend the life of your roof by 10 to 15 years.  Because of the humidity in the Houston, TX area, algae and mold build up on the roof of your home in Cypress, TX and the surrounding areas.  This buildup of algae and mold can cause allergy flareups.  A stained roof can also increase your energy costs.  The specialists at Telge Roofing want to extend the life of your roof, keep your home looking beautiful, remove the mold and algae, protect your investment and lower your utility bills.  Call Telge Roofing located in Cypress, TX at 281-971-4581 for your free quote on cleaning your roof. 


• Soft Scrub Roof Cleaning

• Brick/Stucco Cleaning

• Concrete Cleaning

• House Washing

• Gutter Cleaning

• Pressure Washing




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